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Intentional Positive Change Through the Integration of Psychedelic Experiences.

 What Did Your Trip reveal? 


Psychedelic Integration, Interpretation and Grounding therapy.

Helping you make sense of it all…

Our qualified practitioners provide holistic, trauma aware integration therapy and understand how psychedelics interact with mental health and life experiences. ​


Psychedelics are being used in a number of ways including addiction treatment, depression, trauma resolution, spiritual evolution and creative exploration, and have been used historically in many cultures worldwide in ceremonies and as medicine. ​


Each psychedelic trip is unique and we believe that to support mental wellbeing and personal development it is essential to do the conscious work and self-reflection needed to make practical and life changing use of these experiences.


Trippi Supports the safe and intentional use of psychedelics for personal transformation and spiritual evolution.

Member of the Psychedelic Support Network. 


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