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A safe space to explore and integrate psychedelic experiences…

What we do

Initial Consultation

An initial call is free of charge. Simply use the Contact Trippi page to get in touch or book a consultation call.


Ongoing support 

Some psychedelic trips can affect us for the rest of our lives. Book an ad-hoc session with Trippi to either revisit experiences and gain a better understanding of them, or for continued support with making tangible positive changes.


Psychedelic Integration Session

Online psychotherapeutic session to help make sense of your trip. Process emotions, themes, symbols and lessons from your experiences and evaluate how they interacted with your life stage, mindset, personality, life experience and beliefs about yourself.  Bring the wisdom back to reality.


What we don’t do...

Provide psychedelic substances or signpost you to illegal sources.

We don’t sell, provide or administer any kind of substance, nor can we ‘plug’ you with underground sellers or websites. We promote safe and legal experiences (check out the ‘How can I trip legally?’ section below).
Trip- Sitting
We don’t offer sessions whilst clients are under the influence of any substance. 
Clients are solely responsible for the choices they make about their use of psychedelics. We advocate for harm reduction and safe and legal use of psychedelics; however, we understand that people experiment with these substances in a variety of ways and environments and we offer non-judgemental support to anyone who has had a psychedelic experience.
How can I trip legally?

The laws on psychedelics are different in every country/ state.
Make sure you check out the rules where you are.
There are many retreat centres that offer legal psychedelic experiences.
Participating in a psychedelic research study is another great way to contribute towards a growing scientific knowledge base about the benefits and effects of psychedelic experiences and how they can be used to treat a number of conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, depression and addiction. 
The link below will take you to an up to date (but not exhaustive) listing of psychedelic research studies:
Questions before getting started?
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